How To Reset Snapchat Password Without Email Or Number

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Snapchat boasts a fun and safe way to connect with others through snaps. You can send a photo, make a comment and instantly share with anyone you are connected with on Snapchat. Snaps disappear after being viewed which is part of the allure to some users. You need an email or phone number in order to create an account, and after following a few simple steps, you are well on your way to snapping away. You do have to give some personal information in order to sign up for the account though. And without remembering the information you provide initially might leave you asking how to reset Snapchat password without email or number.

What Are The Security Settings On Snapchat?

Setting Up Snapchat Security

Team Snapchat takes safety seriously and wants its users to feel confident knowing their personal information is safe. One way they do this is by requiring the user to set up the account with an email and/or phone number which must be verified. In fact, Team Snapchat might temporarily lock the account if the user has accepted too many friends before verifying their information.

The user also has the option, and it is highly encouraged, to set up a two-factor authentication which is a secondary security checkpoint to verify that the person accessing the account is the right and true owner of the account. This protects the user from potentially getting hacked by providing the user with a secret code. This secret code can be obtained through a text or a one-time passcode through the authentication application. Users are encouraged to save the secret code in a safe place such as the iCloud rather than on the device itself. Using the two-factor authentication process, you can safely and securely log into Snapchat from different devices and rest assured that your personal information is kept private.

Password Safety

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Passwords are encrypted in the system, therefore no one, not even Team Snapchat, can access the password. Like a key and a lock, the proper key strokes must be made in order to open the app. In case of a lost or forgotten password, the user has options. Since almost everything requires a password, companies are prepared when users forget them and require assistance to recover or reset. Resetting a password is a more viable option for most companies, so they aren’t inadvertently giving your password to someone pretending to be you. Password reset options can be sent through the verified email or phone number associated with the account.

Knowing how to reset your Snapchat password without email or number is problematic for the user due to privacy and security settings. Companies store secure data through encrypted passwords thus keeping private and personal information safe. Passwords should be difficult to figure out and should be different for each account and app you regularly use. Keep this information safe and confidential by storing it someplace other than your device if you are prone to forgetting information.

What Happens If I Get Locked Out Of My Account?

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There are a few instances when a user might get locked out of their Snapchat account. If Team Snapchat has observed some inappropriate actions on the account, they may lock it. Some inappropriate actions include not verifying the email and/or number associated with the account, using abusive language toward other users and sending spam from the account. Snapchat wishes to remain fun and safe for all users, therefore these actions, amongst others, are not allowed and could result in the account getting locked.

Unlock Snapchat Account

If the account is locked, the user can try to log in to see if the account is open. Before logging in, the user must delete any third party apps, plugins or tweaks that might have resulted in the account getting locked in the first place. The user can also contact the support team through the app for assistance. When you contact Snapchat Support, you will be required to verify you are who you say you are. You might be asked for identifying information and without it, it will be difficult to assist you. Some users have set up the account and don’t recall what information they used, therefore they need to know how to reset Snapchat password without email or number. This can be tricky.

How To Reset Snapchat Password Without Email Or Number

Almost everything requires a password in today’s modern world. From setting up online bill pay to ordering a pizza, a consumer cannot bypass the password step in the registration processes. Snapchat is no different. A password is required at the time of setting up the account. Users are encouraged to choose complicated and unique passwords that they change monthly.    This can be cumbersome for the everyday user that has multiple accounts on multiple devices making passwords increasingly difficult to remember. However, with the convenient “Forgot password” link, an email or text can be sent instantly that allows the user to reset his or her password and continue on. However, what if these forms of verification are not available? Users continue to ask how to reset Snapchat password without email or number.

Trial And Error

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When trying to figure out how to reset Snapchat password without email or number, try to remember any old emails that might have been used for any purpose. Many people have multiple email addresses for various reasons and through trial and error, you might be successful. When requesting an email to be sent to reset the password, Snapchat will give you an error message if the email is invalid or not associated with the account. However, if you luckily stumble upon the correct email, the message will state that an email has been sent with further instructions. You’ll have to log into this email account to get the instructions with a link to reset the password. The same steps can be followed for a forgotten phone number in order to receive an SMS text to reset.

Snapchat Support

If you are unable to remember any email or phone number, figuring out how to reset Snapchat password without email or number can be frustrating and difficult. One option is to log into Snapchat Support and follow these steps:

  • I have a log in issue
  • I can’t verify my account
  • Still need help
  • I didn’t receive the verification message

These steps will bring up a contact form, and from there, you can attempt to explain your situation and see how to reset Snapchat password without email or number. Team Snapchat will try to resolve your issue, but they may not be able to uncover the password as it was encrypted for your safety in the first place.

Research Yourself

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Try googling yourself to see if anyone has commented about you; this might lead to uncovering forgotten information, such as emails, phone numbers, or possibly your Snapchat address. You can also peruse through your friends’ information to see if they have any documentation of your misplaced information. Look through other social media sites you have accounts with and see if any of your information is buried there.

Password Tips

Knowing how to reset Snapchat password without email or number is indeed important, but picking a strong password is key as well. Passwords should be unique and complex. Passwords should not contain your name, username, phone number, birthday, address or any other personal data about yourself that could be uncovered through brute force of multiple attempts. Users are also highly encouraged to use different passwords for every account and app they have and to change these passwords monthly for added security.


Advances in technology have made it easier than ever to share thoughts, pictures and an endless stream of memes depicting every emotion and mood possible. Social media sites have exploded on the internet with various ways of keeping in touch and making new friends near and far. Snapchat is one way people can keep all their friends up to date on every aspect of their life from what they are eating to how cute their newest outfit is through a montage of filters, screens and settings.    With the advances in technology in today’s modern world, information is literally at your fingertips. Long gone are the days of remembering addresses, phone numbers or even how to spell a word correctly.

Everything is instantly available and auto-stored and immediately recovered. But with that vast amount of information comes great responsibility. Companies attempt to protect consumers through safety measures, such as requiring passwords and possibly other security measures.   With all this complexity and constant changing, passwords are easily and commonly forgotten. With proper verification and a few simple steps, passwords can be changed, and life goes on. But, without the necessary information, figuring out to how to change Snapchat password without email or number can leave the user frustrated and potentially without access to the account indefinitely. If you are unable to remember the email address or number and no other method of hunting for the information has proven successful, then it might be best to just create a new account. Save all information that was used to create the new account in a safe and secure place, such as iCloud, rather than on the actual device itself. This should eliminate future potential problems.

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