How To Reset Musically Password Without Email

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Why would someone want to learn how to reset Musically password without email? In this digital world, users are always updating their passwords, and sometimes the process gets cumbersome when going between emails and an app/website. It is always more convenient when services allow users other means of resetting their passwords. One of the easiest methods involves texting a link or code directly to a user’s smartphone. A code can easily be viewed in a text message when it comes across the top of a mobile phone screen. The user can then type the code into a corresponding field without having to leave the app.

One of the more unique and popular social media platforms among teenagers and young adults over the past few years is called Musically (now synonymous with TikTok). This article will examine what makes Musically so different, how it has become so popular and give an overview of the service and its history. We will also show you how to reset Musically password without email.

What Is Musically?

Musically is a social media platform designed for users to creatively express themselves through the creation and sharing of short videos. The name is stylized as “” on the app and on TikTok’s website. The app combines features from other popular social media services into its own unique format. It features short video clips (similar to Snapchat) with filters (similar to Instagram) and allows users to add their own musical soundtrack. Much of the content posted on the app is teenagers lip-synching to their favorite songs, and some other users post short comedy bits.

The History of Musically

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Musically began in Shanghai, China, and was started by two friends Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang. Before Musically, the duo launched a self-learning app where users could watch short video clips on a variety of subjects. When the original idea was unsuccessful, the friends decided to make a similar app that was more geared toward entertainment. They wanted to fuse video and music together in a social network. The idea behind Musically was to make the average short video more entertaining by combining it with music, and the prototype app first launched in 2014.

About Musically

The Musically app allows users to create short lip-synching videos that last anywhere from 15 seconds to one minute. Users can choose their own soundtrack and add preset effects and filters similar to Instagram. The app also features different speed options, including normal, fast, slow motion, time-lapse and epic. Musically users are known as “Musers,” and the app allows one to browse popular Musers, hashtags, trending songs and other content.

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The platform provides a unique social media outlet where popular Musers can grow a fanbase and interact with it. Musers can reuse sounds that others create (This is called remusing.) Users can also create duets, ask each other questions (similar to Tumblr) and send each other private messages (similar to Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Musers can use a feature called, “Best Fan Forever” to choose other Musers with whom to create duets.

Once a video is uploaded to the app, it becomes a Musical. Other Musers can like the post and/or comment on it as well as subscribe to Muser accounts they want to follow and see more content from in the future. Users can connect their Musically accounts to other social media apps, like Facebook, to allow friends from one social media site to find each other on Musically easier. Accounts can be set to “Private,” but users who choose not to do so are featured in the app’s popularity charts. Musers can also be “featured” in the app that allows people from everywhere to see their Musicals. Celebrities hold contests on the app and offer prizes for best lip-synching.

Musically Success

The app was launched in China and America with its primary success being with teenagers in the United States. While the total number of users compared to other social media sites is small, the activity of the app’s users is quite high. In 2015, the app achieved the top ranking in the iOS App Store for being the most-downloaded free app in over 30 countries. Musically reached 70 million downloads in 2016. The company now has a second office in America, located in Santa Monica, California, so that the service can have closer access to its large American fan base.


Musically signed a deal with Warner Music Group in 2016 which allowed Warner’s music to be licensed for use in the app. It also encouraged Musers to interact with Warner’s artists and songs. Musically joined forces with Apple Music in 2017 to allow Musers to become members of the service so they could cut out 15-second portions of songs to use for lip-syncing. Also in 2017, Musically was sold to Bytedance Technology Co. for around one billion dollars. When the sale was final, Bytedance combined Musically with its pre-existing app, TikTok, and kept the TikTok name.

Concerns About the App

While Musically is generally seen as a positive outlet for young people to connect with each other and have fun on social media, there are some adults who have found reasons for concern over the safety of children on the app. It is unlawful for children under the age of 13 to own and operate an account on Musically. However, children can easily lie about their age and create accounts without their parents’ knowledge. This might expose them prematurely to adult content and put them in harm’s way with regard to predators.

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Even though Musically’s policy forbids children under 13, the reality is that there are many youngsters on the site who are as young as elementary school students. Children can be witnessed on the app publicly exchanging phone numbers and home addresses. Parents who are concerned about their underage child having an account can email Musically to have the account deleted.

Musically Stats

Here are some statistics we found interesting about Musically and TikTok.


  • 200 million users, 100 million of which are active
  • 20 million active users per month
  • Average of 13 million uploads per day
  • 50 million Musically users are under the age of 21
  • 70 percent of Musically users are women
  • 14 percent of teenagers and young adults use Musically in the United States
  • 49 percent of all Musically users are in the United States
  • 6 percent of smartphone owners use Musically


  • 500 million users
  • Has been installed on devices over 800 million times
  • Earns $1.4 million monthly
  • 42 percent of users are in the United States
  • Total spent by users on the app:  around $50 million 
  • 80 percent of user sessions are on Android devices
  • App opened daily by over 28 percent of users who’ve downloaded the app 

How to Reset Musically Password without Email

There are two ways to reset a Musically password. Both options require either a phone number or an email address. Our focus will be on how to reset Musically password without email. Instances where this might be an appropriate option are when a user does not have an email address or the user cannot access their email inbox at the time of the password reset. Users not wanting to choose the email option can change their password using just their phone number.

How to Reset Musically Password without Email While Logged Out

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If the user is logged out of their mobile app, they can reset their password on their phone by using the following steps:

  • Open the Musically app.
  • Tap on the “Log In” button.
  • On the next page, tap “Get Help Signing In.”
  • At the bottom of the screen, the options to reset the password via email or phone will appear; select “Reset with Phone Number.”
  • Choose the user’s country, enter the phone number and then click “Send Confirmation Code.”
  • The user will receive a text with a confirmation code.
  • Enter the code into the app.
  • A screen will appear where the user can enter a new password (twice in order to confirm it).
  • Click “Change.”
  • A success message will appear.

How to Reset Musically Password without Email While Logged In

  • Go to the user’s Profile.
  • On the top right, tap the three dots (…).
  • Select “Privacy and Settings.”
  • Select “Manage My Account.”
  • Choose “Password.”
  • Enter the current password and new password.
  • Choose “Confirm.”

Now that you know how to reset Musically password without email, you can take advantage of the ultra-convenient method. You no longer have to switch from the app to your email and then back. You will be able to see the confirmation code in the text when it comes across your screen and type it directly into the app without having to switch to email.


Figuring out how to reset Musically password without email is easy. All a user needs is their smartphone and the mobile app. Users can change their passwords while either logged out or logged into the app. If the user is logged out, they can have a confirmation code texted to the phone and use that inside the app to prompt a password reset. If the user is already logged in, they can change their password in their Profile settings as is the case with most mobile apps.

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