How To Reset Kindle Fire Password Without Losing Data

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If you find yourself searching the web for “how to reset Kindle Fire password without losing data,” fear not. The need to reset a password occurs more often than you might imagine. You forget your password and enter a few too many before getting locked out. Your kids’ Fire is locked because they forgot their passwords. Sometimes your Kindle simply acts up and there is nothing you can do but rely on a factory reset to get it to work properly once again. It can be stressful, but it’s entirely possible to reset your password without losing your information.

Whether your Fire is lost, stolen, missing, or simply broken, learning how to reset a Kindle Fire password without losing data is the goal. You have all your books, other reading materials, and many items on your Fire you may have paid for or taken the time to download, and you don’t want to lose that. This is information you can re-download, but do you want to do that or do you want to keep that information intact when you reset your password?

About the Kindle Fire

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It was 2011 when Amazon introduced its first Kindle. It was known then as a tablet that was designed to compete with other e-readers, but it has changed dramatically over the years. The Kindle Fire allows users to download apps, browse the internet, stream television and movies, and so much more. Unlike other e-readers, this is not just a reader. It’s a full-service tablet that competes with the iPad and other devices of the same nature.

It’s a Wi-Fi enabled device and it has the benefit of being an Amazon device. This means it’s easy to use with your other Amazon devices which makes life faster and more efficient for many Amazon lovers. This is a device that can be used as nothing more than an e-reader, but it’s also used as a tablet. It does almost everything your iPad does without the hassle of the big price tag. Amazon’s Fires are often more affordable than any Apple device, which makes it useful to so many people who want to use the device for various reasons.

What Is a Kindle Fire Factory Reset?

Having to search the internet for “how to reset Kindle Fire password without losing data,” is not a terrible predicament, but you should know a bit more about the factory reset option. This is more than just an option designed when you cannot remember your password or you want to change it for security reasons. A factory reset is a more complex situation, and it’s not meant to act as a go-to for anything other than your last resort.

The Factory Reset

When you rely on a factory reset to help you with your problems, you’re using it as a last resort. You can lose a portion of your device’s memory, and that’s not part of your goal when seeking “how to reset Kindle Fire password without losing data.” Using the factory reset essentially removes all the stuff on your device and in your device’s memory since the last software update Amazon created.

If, for example, your software update occurred on Tuesday and you want to complete a full factory reset on Thursday, most of your data will be intact. However, if your last software update was a month ago, you could lose significant data and information. This is precisely why the factory reset option should only be your last resort.

Why Use a Factory Reset?

It does seem smart to learn “how to reset Kindle Fire password without losing data,” but this is sometimes not an option. If your Kindle is acting up and not working properly, it’s recommended you try every fix imaginable. You should call support to see if they can help you find a solution to your problems without using the factory reset. If even that fails, it’s your only option.

How to Use a Factory Reset?

When learning “how to reset Kindle Fire password without losing data,” there’s a different process when you complete a factory reset. Here’s how that works:

  1. Connect your Kindle to your computer with the correct USB cable
  2. Find the Kindle Fire folder when prompted
  3. Create a folder for your backup information
  4. Copy your Kindle files into the backup folder just created (do not cut and paste)
  5. Remove Fire from computer
  6. Attach Fire to the charger
  7. Turn on Fire and select Settings, More, Device
  8. Tap Factory Resets option
  9. Follow prompts until the reset is complete

It’s important that you only copy the files that you want to keep on your Kindle. Most Kindle Fire problems occur because of junk data on the device, and you do not want to keep and reinstall those problematic files. You should save only movies, books, documents, pictures, and music. If you don’t use any of those, you can skip saving them.

This should allow your Kindle Fire to work properly again without spending too much of your time restoring data or losing your data. It’s often the answer to your common issues, and it’s something you can do to make sure you’re able to use your Kindle Fire again without problems but with your information intact.

How to Reset Kindle Fire Password without Losing Data

Learning “how to reset Kindle Fire password without losing data” is complicated if you lock yourself out. The only way to reset your password once you’ve been locked out is with a full factory reset on many Kindle devices, which is why you should reset our password before you get locked out to ensure you’re able to use the device again without going through the reset process.

How to Reset Kindle Fire Password without Losing Data If You Know the Current Password

This is the only way to ensure you don’t lose your data in a factory reset. It’s helpful to change your password regularly to ensure safety on your device, and this is how you do that.

  1. Go to Quick Settings on your Kindle Fire’s home screen
  2. Click on the “more” option
  3. Find the Security Settings menu and click on it
  4. Find the lock screen password option and click on it
  5. Enter the password you are currently using to go through with the change
  6. When prompted, come up with a new password
  7. Be sure your new password meets minimum requirements
  8. Choose a strong password you do not use on other devices and that you have not used before
  9. Enter the new password a second time for confirmation
  10. Click finish to complete the process

Using this option to reset your password helps to keep your device safe from people who might have access to your passwords. It also helps you remember your password.

Forgotten Passwords

Not all Kindle Fires are capable of this, but the newer models allow you to find your password if you forgot it. By entering it too many times, you can lock your Kindle and that requires a factory reset. If you want to learn “how to reset Kindle Fire password without losing data,” you might want to learn how to find your password on a newer device without locking yourself out.

  1. Go to your computer and log in to your Amazon account
  2. Find the “Manage your content and devices” link
  3. Click “Your devices”
  4. Select your Fire from the list of devices that appears
  5. Find device actions and choose “remote lock”
  6. Enter a new password
  7. Enter your new password a second time
  8. Then select “lock device”
  9. Get your Fire and select “unlock device”
  10. Follow instructions to enter a new password

You are now logged into your device with a new password with no need to go through an entire factory reset. This is a helpful tool if you’re worried that you’ll lose important data. Learning “how to reset Kindle Fire password without losing data” is bit complex, but it’s much easier if you learn to reset the password without locking yourself out.

Avoiding a factory reset is your goal, but it might become necessary at some point. You may lose some data if you are forced to use a factory reset, but this information should help you figure out how to save as much as possible on your Fire and go about your day with no need to re-download all of your material. It’s a tool that might just make your life a little easier.


There are a few key points to remember pertaining to your passwords and Kindle Fire settings. It’s imperative you reset your password regularly to ensure the safety of your private information. It’s also important you do not forget your password and that you know how to reset your password if you do forget it.    Locking yourself out by entering too many incorrect passwords on your Kindle Fire creates more problems than you want to deal with on any given day, and it may mean losing some of your data. Learning these techniques can save you some hassle and stress, and they may just save your data. Factory resets should be a last resort.

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