How To Log Out Of Discord: Your Ultimate Guide

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Are you stuck in Discord, trying to figure out where to log out? Navigating applications can be tricky. The good new is, learning how to log out of Discord is fast and simple.

For newbie and pro Discord users everywhere, we have created a detailed user guide to make your experience easy and seamless. Keep reading to learn all about the Discord application, plus how to log out of Discord on PC, Mac, and Android.

Discord Application

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What Is Discord?

If you want to learn how to log out of Discord, you first need to know about the application itself. Discord is a 100% free, text, video, and voice application designed for teenagers and adults, from the age of 13 up. Discord originated to bring gamers together on a single platform.

If you want to know how to log out of Discord, understand you can do so through your browser, PC or Mac, or mobile device. Once inside Discord you can opt to accept chat invitations to communicate with other gamers. You can also form your own private server and invite fellow gamers to play and share your love for gaming via video, text, or voice chat.

Discord lets you message individuals and gaming groups as you desire, with groups as large as 10 players. Discord differs from social media platforms such as Reddit or Twitter because you can only join the platform by invitation. You can opt into the chats you want and stay away from conversations you are uninterested in.

In learning how to log out of Discord, you have plenty of tools you can use when staying active in the application. You may select who can add you as a friend, who can message you personally, and what servers you want to join.

You can also block people if you need to, control whether you want to look at or delete inappropriate DMs, and select who may join your server. Discord has functionalities that let you decide the verification and security levels for your personal server.


If you want to learn how to log out of Discord, it is worth delving into the history of this gaming application. Jason Citron, the founder of OpenFeint, conceptualized Discord. OpenFeint was a social media platform designed for mobile games.

In 2011, they sold OpenFeint to GREE, and used the $104 million proceeds to create a game development studio known as Hammer and Chisel. Hammer and Chisel created Fates Forever, a MOBA game that did not reach the success Jason Citron originally projected.

This is where Discord was born. Hammer and Chisel saw the lack of success Fates Forever was experiencing and knew they needed to create a chat service that was more user friendly and technologically advanced. The company received funding from YouWeb’s 9+ incubator, Tencent, and Benchmark capital to spur on the Discord project.

In 2015, Discord was released on the open web. Discord became a go to option for Reddit users who opted to use Discord servers over IRC ones. LAN tournament and eSports gamers also used Discord in droves.

Back in January 2016, Hammer and Chisel received a further $ million to enhance the software. One of their primary investors is WarnerMedia. Discord is doing so well, that the company announced their receipt of $$ million in additional funding in December 2018, putting the company at a valuation of approximately $$$ billion.

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How It Works

In learning how to log out of Discord, you should also know the application is compatible with mobile and desktop platforms. It is so popular because it is like a message board, VoIP chat, and chat lobby all in one. These combined functionalities do not take up excess space on your PC or mobile device.

The application has more than 90 million users. Discord allows you to use the application in your browser, so you can adjust mic levels as needed. This also means you can have a voice chat with lessened latency, making it easy to communicate with gamers all over the world.

When learning how to log out of Discord, it is important to know the app is accessible through both Mac and Windows. All you have to do is install the Discord application or open it through your browser on the Discord website.

If you opt for the browser version, it cannot do certain things like identify more than one audio device or a webcam. The browser version of Discord also prevents you from sharing screens.

Discord is compatible with iOS and Android, giving you most of the features on your mobile device you would enjoy on your desktop computer. You are not able to screen share on your mobile device, but the application still lets you do video calls with fellow gamers and receive shared screens from desktop gamers.

User Guide

If you want to know how to log out of Discord, you should also know the user process for the application. After creating your account with Discord, you can opt to install the application on your mobile device or run it in your browser. As a side note, if you want to more options to adjust the app features to your preference and run a server, your best choice is the mobile app version.

After you have launched Discord, you can create your own Discord server and send invitations out to your fellow gamers. You can also join a server already in place with an invitation code. You only need a verified server name to create a server, but you do not have to install anything.

An area where the mobile app falls short is it does not allow you to look for servers to join. However, you can become part of an existing server easily. Perform a search on Google to identify servers with open invites for you to grab and join. One example is the PUBG server. Quite a few YouTubers and Twitch content creators post open invitation codes on their channels too.

How To Log Out Of Discord On A PC Or Mac

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Step 1: Open

The first way we will show you for how to log out of discord is through your PC or Mac. You need to start by opening the application on your desktop.

If you are having trouble finding the application, look for the white and blue icon named Discord. On Windows applications, you can easily locate Discord through the Windows menu. You can locate Discord on your Launchpad if you are a Mac user.

If you wish to open Discord through your web browser, go to Select Open.

Step 2: Click

The next step of how to log out of Discord is simple. Click the circular settings icon by your username.

The icon will be at the bottom of your screen near the left side. This icon will launch the User Settings page.

Step 3: Scroll

Once the User Settings page is open, your next step for how to log out of Discord is to scroll to the bottom of the left column. Select Log Out.

You should see a window pop up to confirm whether you want to log out. It should say something like “Are you sure you want to logout?”

Step 4: Log Out

Your final step for how to log out of Discord on your Mac or PC is to confirm your Log Out. When the confirmation window pops up, hit Log Out, and you are all set.

How To Log Out Of Discord On Android

Step 1: Open

Now, we will teach you how to log out of Discord on Android. Begin by opening the application on your mobile device.

The icon for the Discord app is a blue circle with a white game remote in the middle.

Step 2: Tap The 3 Horizontal Lines

Your next step for how to log out of Discord on Android is to select the icon with 3 horizontal lines. In the mobile app, this will be in the upper-left area of your screen.

By selecting the 3 horizontal lines icon, you will launch the main navigation menu. Another easy way to open the main menu is to swipe right from the left side of your screen.

Step 3: Tap The White Settings Icon

This step of how to log out of Discord on Android requires you to select the white settings icon in the main navigation menu.

The white settings icon is situated in the corner of your screen, in the lower right area. Tapping it will launch the User Settings page.

Step 4: Tap The White Box With A Right Arrow

Your final step for how to log out of Discord on Android is to hit the white box with a right arrow in it. In the User Settings page, this icon is right next to 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner.

Once you tap the icon, you will be officially logged out of Discord.


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Learning how to log out of Discord is essential if you want to switch easily from using it on your desktop to a mobile device, or vice versa. You might also wish to log out for an extra layer of security when you are not using the application.

Whatever the reason, learning how to log out of Discord is swift, seamless, and can be accomplished in just a few moments.

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