How To Delete Messenger

It’s not uncommon to find yourself wondering how to delete messenger. Whether you’re inundated with spam messages asking you to send this message on to 16 people for good luck or you simply don’t care to send private messages to your Facebook friends, how to delete messenger is something you may consider. When you take the plunge and delete it from your account, you’re no longer capable of receiving private messages from Facebook friends and contacts or those who want to reach you but aren’t friends.

If you’re all right with that, learning how to delete messenger is a helpful tool. However, it’s imperative that you understand that deleting messenger is not the same process on every device. If you have it on a phone, it’s different than deleting it off your laptop or desktop. It’s not hard, but you do need to know what to do, how to do it, and how you can get the program back if you choose to continue using messenger in the future. Learning how to delete messenger involves learning what that means for you and your communication skills via Facebook.

What Is Messenger?

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Messenger is its own entity separate from Facebook, and it doesn’t need Facebook to work properly. It’s a private messaging app that works a lot like a private chat, and it is owned and operated by Facebook. If you use a cell phone, you’ll need to download a messenger app to use the program. If you use your computer to access Facebook, your messenger is a website you use to send and receive messages. Most people use it in conjunction with their Facebook page to exchange messages with friends and family on their friends’ list, but it can be used privately whether you have Facebook or not.

Using messenger, you can send anything from messages to texts to photos, videos, memes, and GIFs. It’s a simple concept, but it’s not one that many people find useful once they’ve installed it on their phones. The primary reason so many people find messenger less than useful is the fact that so many social media users use it to send chain messages. It becomes one more method of communication many people do not want to handle.

Why Delete Messenger?

How to delete messenger is a question people commonly ask now that it has been made clear that the app is not one that’s overly trustworthy. Since Facebook introduced the app for its mobile users and the website for its stationary computer users, there are have been many rumors about the program.

There’s an App for That

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When you send a private message, you assume it’s private. However, this is not the case with messenger. In fact, the people who operate messenger are regularly scanning your messages and saving your photos, and they even have the power to delete messages from your inbox before you’ve had a chance to read them.

If you use the app on your cellular device, you’re also giving messenger permission to collect your private data from outside of messenger. This is a practice that was ended in 2018, but it was a major breach of privacy that users happily handed over to messenger when they signed up without reading the fine print. Until they were called out on it, the people behind messenger were using this app to read your texts and track your call history. They used this information in police investigations and other situations, and they were honest when they said that their users gave them permission when they downloaded the app and clicked on the ‘agree’ button that goes along with its guidelines.

Privacy Issues

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The main concern users have with messenger is the lack of privacy. It’s not a secret that the company who runs this messaging platform collects your personal data and uses it in their own way, which does include providing the information to third-party sources. There’s a serious privacy issue there, and it’s why many people choose to delete the app.

If you feel as if your privacy is in question, it might be. You should read the fine print prior to signing up for anything, but many people do not. They read through the information they need to provide, and they agree to terms and conditions they didn’t actually take the time to understand. The privacy issue is outlined in the terms and conditions, and you agreed to them. Deleting the app handles that situation.

What Information Does Messenger Share?

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Facebook messenger is dangerous if you want to protect your information. The app is permitted to share information to third parties, and that includes your name, your contact information, and much more. The app also uses the information it finds in your messages and on your phone to customize your experience. It might share people you may know with you based on where you’ve been and who has been in the same general vicinity as you.

You might notice your app is personalized to the things you like, and you may begin receiving information on your Facebook feed that mimics what you discussed on phone calls, in text messages, and even on your internet browser. It’s like your Facebook app hears you and gives you what you’ve been looking for because that’s what it’s been doing.

Facebook messenger uses your information for marketing and advertising purposes. The information your phone provides about you is used by the company to market to you. Finally, if you use any games or systems that are signed in via Facebook, you may find that the company now has access to all your private information.


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The final thing you should know when you’re making the decision to learn how to delete messenger is what permissions the app has. It’s able to access your photos, your microphone, and your contacts. This means the personal information of your friends and family are also made public to the people who are working for Facebook messenger, and that information is also sold to third parties and other people for a profit and for advertising and marketing purposes.

How to Delete Messenger

When you learn how to delete messenger, you need to learn the proper technique for deleting messenger on your device or devices. Each one is slightly different than the others.

How to Delete Messenger on an iOS Device

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If you have an iPad or iPhone, you will follow these instructions to help you delete your messenger app.

  1. Press the messenger app and hold it down with your finger
  2. Click on the “X” at the top left corner to delete the app
  3. Confirm you want to delete the app in the box that appears

It’s as simple as that on your iOS devices. The app is no longer used in your phone, and it’s no longer able to access your personal information when it’s not installed. It takes less than five seconds to complete the process, and you can re-install it at your leisure if you choose by going into the app store and asking to download it once again.

How to Delete Messenger on an Android Device

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  1. Click on the Google Play icon
  2. Type “Facebook Messenger” in the search bar
  3. Click on the messenger link in the play store
  4. Open the app in the play store and click “Uninstall”
  5. Confirm your decision when prompted

It takes a few additional seconds to delete this app on Android devices, but it’s just as simple when you do it. You no longer have to worry that your information is being stored, shared, or used in a way you’re not comfortable with.

How to Delete Messenger from Your Computer

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If you use messenger on your computer, you’ll need to figure out how to delete it from there, too. It’s a little more complex this way, and it might vary based on the type of computer you have. However, the concept is relatively simple when applied.

  1. Go to settings and click on systems
  2. Find apps and features
  3. Search for messenger app
  4. Locate the application and uninstall it
  5. Confirm your decision

It might take a few tries to get it off your computer if you don’t have a standard device or if you’re using different features. However, removing it is imperative if you want to protect your privacy.


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Using Facebook messenger is not something you should stop doing if you’re comfortable with and aware of the information you’re sharing with the app and the people who own the app. However, you must make yourself aware of what information you are sharing and what your app is able to access when it’s activated on your phone. If you feel that using this app to communicate with friends and family is worth your time, keep it on your phone. If you’re worried about permissions and privacy issues, use this information to help you delete your app and regain some of your privacy. Anything you did when you were using the app is forever, but you can stop that from occurring in the future.

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