How To Delete Hulu Account

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How to delete Hulu account services is a question many people are asking as new and improved streaming services become available. Television and consumer consumption have changed dramatically over the past decade, and streaming services, such as Hulu, have become increasingly popular. These services allow consumers to watch their favorite shows on demand without worrying so much about expensive cable packages or even the ability to record favorite shows when they’re live. The concept is brilliant, and it’s changed the way people view their favorite shows and even movies. Do you want to learn how to delete Hulu account services? Here’s everything you need to know.

About Hulu

Before you learn how to delete Hulu account services, you should understand the company and what it offers. Hulu’s streaming services include many options, and those options are made possible by the ownership of the company. The Walt Disney Company stands to become the majority owner of Hulu if they acquire the stakes owned by 21st Century Fox. The deal was announced as the year 2017 came to a close. Disney and Fox both own a 30 stake in the company, for a total of 60 percent. Comcast owns another 30 percent stake in Hulu, and AT&T owns the remaining 10 percent.

The biggest competitors of Hulu include Netflix and Amazon, both of which offer similar packages and streaming services. Consumers can watch shows in full from start to finish even if they’ve missed season upon season. Not all shows allow this, but many do. Additionally, the service offers viewers a chance to stream live television shows with minimal commercial breaks directly from the network provider.

Why Hulu?

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The purpose of streaming services is primarily to make it easier and more affordable for consumers to watch television without paying for cable packages. It’s making television more affordable and more manageable, and the prices are unbeatable. You can choose Hulu packages starting at $7 per month, which is significantly lower than many cable packages offered by major companies. As these companies begin offering live streams of sports and news channels, the cable companies may become obsolete.

Learning to how to delete Hulu account services is not difficult, but it does require understanding what it means to delete it if you’re looking to get it back. The subscription service price varies based on what viewers want and need. Many of the subscriptions offer a chance for people to use their televisions to stream live television without commercials or with limited commercials for a few dollars every month. They also allow you to increase the offerings of your subscription for more money to include more shows, movies and other media services.

Hulu Account Management

What is the driving force behind your decision to want to learn how to delete Hulu account services? Are you unhappy with the service provided, or do you prefer to use another provider? Are you no longer using it, or do you wish to delete your account because you want a more enhanced version of Hulu or a more basic version? Learning to manage your account may help you decide whether learning how to delete Hulu account services is the right option or if simply learning to manage your account for a more custom experience is the better choice.

Managing Your Hulu Account

Your account comes complete with an account page. You can log into your account and go to that page to manage your service. You have the option here to delete your subscription, add to it, take from it and otherwise customize the plan to fit your need and wants. Please note your account management is handled differently through each subscription provider from which you are billed.

Account Management Through Hulu

  1. Go to account page
  2. Click on “Manage” under your subscription
  3. Use “On/Off” options to switch plans
  4. Use “Add this/Remove this” to customize plan
  5. Confirm choices

Account Management through Amazon

Managing your account through your Amazon billed services is precisely the same as managing it with a typical Hulu account. You will use the log in, follow the same instructions and manage your preferences from that point.

Account Management Through iTunes

This is a more complex service that doesn’t offer as many allowances as other billing subscriptions. If you want to add or remove features from your account through iTunes, you’ll need to delete your account and re-subscribe with Hulu. This service does not allow you to add premium subscription services.

Account Management Through Roku

Just like using your regular Hulu account, you can manage your add-on features and removable features through your subscription even if you are billed through Roku. However, please note that only select Roku devices are capable of allowing you to add premium services if that’s your end game.

Account Management through Spotify

If you use Hulu through Spotify, you will need to manage your account through your Spotify home page. Follow the instructions there to help you log in and manage your account services. You have access to all account premiums in terms of add-on features and removable features, but you do need to use Spotify to log in and make any necessary changes.

Account Management Through Sprint

If you are a Sprint subscriber, you’ll use the same log in features as you would if you were paying through Hulu. It’s simple and effective, and you have access to all premium plans this way. It’s easy to remove or add different features to your custom account.

How To Delete Hulu Account

How to delete Hulu account service requires understanding of the account. Hulu allows you to cancel your account at any time, but the cancellation of this service is not the same thing as deleting Hulu account services. Deleting your account removes all your personal information and does not allow you the opportunity to reactivate your account at any time. However, canceling your account allows you the opportunity to reactivate the account if you change your mind about using a Hulu subscription.

Cancellation is the less permanent way to manage your account, and you have the option to come back any time and reactivate. This might be an option for you if you’re not certain about the future of your streaming services. You’ll lose your ability to stream through Hulu, but you’ll also stop paying for the service as you’re no longer using it. Deleting your account is always an option if you decide your cancellation should be a more permanent situation.

How To Delete Hulu Account Services

If you cancel your subscription, you still have access to streaming services until the end of the billing period for which you’ve already paid. If you delete your account, you lose access to streaming services right away even if you have several paid-for weeks left on your account.

  1. Go to your main account page with Hulu
  2. Choose the personal info section on the main account page
  3. Choose “Update” in personal info section
  4. Locate “Delete my Hulu Account” selection
  5. Enter information, such as password, when prompted
  6. Confirm the decision to delete your account

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Once you confirm the decision to delete your Hulu account, you cannot undo it. Your decision is final, and you will find that you have no other options. If you want to reactivate your account, it’s too late. The best you can do is recreate a new account from start to finish to find more streaming services.

Things You Should Know

If you are learning how to delete Hulu account services through a different platform, such as Spotify, iTunes or the other options listed in a previous section, you’ll find that it’s slightly different. Each selection has a slightly different way to manage your account deletion. The one thing you must know about this is that you cannot delete your account on most of the apps through the app itself. You will need to log into the account from a desktop or laptop to manage the deletion of your account. If you choose to cancel your account rather than delete it, it might be possible to do so using the app depending on the service you have.


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Learning how to delete Hulu account services is important when deciding whether to continue your streaming services; remember that this is a permanent decision. It’s recommended that you try canceling your service prior to deleting it completely if you’re merely canceling to try a new service or expand your options.   In some cases, you will need to delete your account if you want to make changes. For example, if you want to stop using a third-party billing service, such as Spotify, deleting your account is necessary. This allows you to create a new account with Hulu so you don’t have the middleman involved in the process. It’s simple and easy, and it’s something you might find works well. If, after you cancel your account, you decide you want to delete it completely, the process is simple and effective and doesn’t take much time to handle and/or complete.    

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