How to Delete Adobe Account

Have you found yourself searching for “how to delete Adobe account”? Adobe is the king of image and video editing software that seemingly everyone uses. Photoshop was there long before Instagram filters. It is difficult to imagine today’s computing world without Adobe’s contributions. The way to access all of Adobe’s services and software is through an Adobe ID which links directly to your Adobe Creative Cloud membership. What happens when you decide to delete your account? Read on to find out “how to delete Adobe account.”

About Your Adobe Account

Your Adobe account depends on you and your needs. Perhaps you signed up with Adobe to gain access to video and audio editing tools such as After Effects, which adds cinematic visual effects and graphics to videos, or Premiere Pro, which is the industry standard for film and video editing. Others count on Adobe to create beautiful graphics and posters through applications such as InDesign and Illustrator. Or perhaps you count on Adobe for web design through Dreamweaver or Adobe Spark, which lets users create beautiful, impactful video stories.

And it’s not just that. Many of us use Adobe Reader or Acrobat every day for reading, creating, and editing PDFs. In fact, Adobe created the PDF! Adobe has Creative Cloud memberships for individuals, businesses, student and teachers, and universities. It used to be that you bought Adobe Creative Suite once, with all the relevant software such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver in one package you owned forever. Now, access is subscription-based and customers who stop paying for access not only lose access to the software, they also lose the ability to open any files saved in proprietary file formats.

This goes along with the overall software as a service (SAAS) trend. Now, everything is accessed through your Adobe ID which is also connected to your Creative Cloud membership if you have one. This means easy access from your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Everything is in one place whenever and wherever you have time to work on your creative project whether it is a video or a website or your creative portfolio.

Adobe ID

Your Adobe ID is probably the email address you used when you first encountered Adobe products when you started either a free Creative Cloud membership or purchased a product such as Adobe Acrobat. Your Adobe ID personalizes your experience across all of your devices for all the Adobe suite of apps and services.

You don’t have to worry about saving your project on your work computer and being unable to finish your work at home. Everything is accessible through one Adobe ID that is connected to cloud storage.

An Adobe ID is required for buying any Creative Cloud products. By logging into your Adobe ID you can see your plans, manage your plans, and contact Adobe Customer Care. For the most part, Adobe Customer Care is chat-based.

Creative Cloud Membership

With the new plans, individuals pay about $20.99/month for a single app such as InDesign, Acrobat Pro, or Dreamweaver. This comes to around $240/year. A membership plan with all 20+ creative apps is $52.99/month or around $600/year. There is also a Photography option that should appeal to photography students that costs just $9.99/month for access to Photoshop and Lightroom. This is a more affordable option for some who may have been priced out of the high upfront costs of the old Adobe CS. Students and teachers can access the entire Creative Cloud treasure trove of apps for only $19.99/month.

Free Creative Cloud Membership

An Adobe ID is required for a free Adobe Creative Cloud membership. Free Creative Cloud membership has a host of benefits such as free 2 GB of storage and free access to starter kits of certain apps. It is possible to sign up for a free Creative Cloud membership even if you never paid for a subscription plan. When you sign up for a free trial of Creative Cloud, you automatically get access to a paid Creative Cloud membership.

Implications of Adobe Account Deletion

First and foremost, if you follow our instructions on “how to delete Adobe account” below, you will not be able to sign up with a new Adobe account with the same email address. If you think you may want the same email in the future, we advise to change your email address on your account before proceeding with “how to delete Adobe account.”

Lose Access to Paid Creative Cloud Membership

If you have Creative Cloud and are trying to search for “how to delete Adobe account” and follow through, you will lose out on free Adobe membership benefits that you otherwise could have enjoyed.

If you just cancel your Creative Cloud membership and keep your Adobe ID, you will get 2 GB of storage, access to the Adobe XD Starter Plan, the Premiere Rush CC Starter Plan, and you can store Lightroom CC images for one year. You will be able to access your files on your computer in the Creative Cloud folder on your desktop as well as your files on the web – up to the limit of 2 GB of storage.

That’s not all, because you also get access to a limited number of Adobe Stock photos, which means high-quality and professional photos. You also get access to mobile apps such as Acrobat Reader and Behance for showcasing creative work. You also get free access to Fonts.

The best thing is that these benefits will automatically kick in after you cancel your Creative Cloud membership if you do not follow through on your “how to delete Adobe account” quest. Deleting your Adobe ID entirely would mean losing access to all cloud storage and all apps.

How to Delete Adobe Account

If you have weighed the pros and cons and you would still like to know “how to delete Adobe account,” read on for further instructions. If you no longer use your Adobe account, this solution will give you peace of mind that your account is fully deleted. We will also go over some instructions on how to cancel your Creative Cloud subscription if you are not quite ready to follow through on “how to delete Adobe account.”

Deleting Adobe ID – Customer Service

1. Sign into your Adobe Creative Account at
2. Click over to Menu, then choose Learn & Support.
3. Click on Contact Support. You will be brought to the help site for Creative Cloud.
4. Where it says “Tell us what you need help with,” select “Adobe ID and signing in.”
5. Click the button that says “Still need help? Contact us”
6. Under Contact options choose “Chat.” You will be redirected to a country-specific chat representative.
7. Tell your representative you want to delete your Adobe ID.
8. The support representative will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete it for good.
9. Follow the instructions on your screen and confirm.

Following these steps should solve the problem of “how to delete Adobe account” completely.

Canceling Your Creative Cloud Subscription

If you have a subscription through Creative Cloud, and you would like to cancel your subscription without necessarily knowing “how to delete Adobe account,” then we have you covered on that front too. You can do this and keep your Adobe ID and thus also your free Creative Cloud membership, which automatically kicks in after you cancel a Creative Cloud subscription. We will also go into some terms and conditions about canceling.

1. Sign into your Adobe ID account with your Adobe ID (email) and your password.
2. At the top of your screen, click on Plans, and then click on Manage Plan under the plan you would like to cancel.
3. If the Manage Plan button is not there then contact Adobe customer service directly for assistance on how to delete Adobe account.
4. Under Plan & Payment, click Cancel Plan.
5. Select the reason you are canceling and then hit Cancel.
6. On the next screen, you can keep your plan, choose another plan, continue with your cancellation, or chat with Adobe Customer Care.
7. If you decide to continue with the cancellation, you will receive an email confirmation of the cancellation.

Eligibility for Creative Cloud Subscription Cancellation

If you cancel a monthly plan paid monthly or pre-paid, you can cancel within 14 days of your order. If you cancel your month-to-month plan after 14 days, your payment is non-refundable and you will continue to get the service until the end of that month’s billing period. If you cancel an annual subscription paid monthly, you will owe an early termination fee which is 50% of your remaining balance.


As you can see, there are many advantages to keeping your Adobe ID even if you are no longer paying for or subscribing to an Adobe plan. Adobe lets you keep cloud storage and access to your files on your laptop. You can still enjoy many mobile applications and a few desktop starter kits too. Though it may be tempting to act on how to delete Adobe account, Adobe has sweetened the deal for you to stick around. The next move is up to you.

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