How to Change Your Spotify Password

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services because anyone with a Spotify username and password has access to millions of songs. This article will show you how to change your Spotify password step by step, whether your current password is too hard to remember or you just want a more secure Spotify password. In case you have trouble with the Spotify password reset procedure, we’ve provided you with Spotify customer service contact details.

How to Change Your Spotify Password: Step-by-step InstructionsSpotify reset password

1. Go to in a computer or smartphone web browser.
2. Type the email address or username associated with your account into the username field.
3. Click the green “Send” button.
4. Check the email account linked to your Spotify account for an email that has “Reset your password” as the subject line. It might take a minute or two to show up.
5. Follow the link in the email you received from Spotify.
6. Enter your new Spotify password in the Spotify login menu.
7. Type your new Spotify password again then type it in again to confirm that you entered the right one.
8. Click the “Set Password” button.

If you do not see the initial password reset email, check in your spam folder. The procedure described above shows how to change Spotify password if you have not used your Facebook login credentials to sign in to Spotify. If you use your Facebook login details to access your Spotify account, you will have to see how to change your Facebook password actually. That’s because you don’t actually use a Spotify login password, but rather a Facebook password.

To get personalized help from Spotify, you can fill out their online contact form or send an inquiry by tweeting at their official support page on Twitter.

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