How to Change Your Password on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most common social media accounts, so it is important to have a secure password. Unfortunately, Facebook’s website can be a little confusing to navigate. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to update your Facebook password, our article will help you figure out how to do this task. Keep reading this article to see how to reset Facebook password.

How to Change Your Password on Facebook: Step-by-step Instructions

Below are instructions detailing how to reset your Facebook password. These steps work if you cannot remember your Facebook password, or you simply want to know how to change your password on Facebook for security reasons.

1. Go to the Facebook login page at
2. Once you reach the Facebook login menu, click the “Forgot account” link at the bottom of the page.
3. Type the phone number or email address associated with your Facebook account into the recovery form and click “Search.”
4. Pick the “No longer have access to these” option if necessary. This will lead you to a new Facebook login and password recovery page. To recover your Facebook password, you will need to input security info to confirm your identity. Otherwise, skip to the next step.
5. Choose a way to get your password reset code sent to you and click the “Continue” button.
6. Click the password reset link given to you through your email or phone.
7. Enter a new password in the appropriate area, and then type it in again to confirm it.
8. Click the “Change Password” button.

Please keep in mind that you can only use this process once every 24 hours. If you cannot remember all the information needed to confirm your identity, Facebook can walk you through the account recovery process. The Facebook login help page can also provide more information about how the Facebook password recovery system works. For further assistance, you can ask a question on the community support page. If you know anything about how to reset Facebook password we haven’t mentioned in this article, please feel free to share in the comments section!

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